Group Immersion Classes for Adults

Pure Beginners: Monday and Wednesday from 9:00- 10:00 am and High Beginners Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-11:30 am

Beginning Level:This course is designed for students with no previous knowledge of the language within a formal or informal context. This beginner program teaches the fundamentals of Spanish. Students are exposed to different resources (printed and digital). Every month students are offered a cultural immersion activity. After having completed the introductory course, students should be able to ask and answer basic questions and participate in simple conversations on daily topics such as routines, weather, shopping. Physical descriptions, likes and dislikes, food, and places. They should understand opinions or comments on a variety of topics primarily related to basic personal information and needs. Students should be able to read and understand short texts involving topics studied. They should read simple and connected texts dealing with basic information. 

High Beginning Level: This course is designed for students with some knowledge of Spanish or with previous exposure to Spanish instruction. After having completed this course, students should be able to create independently with the language, to use the language in different scenarios, and ask and answer questions. Students should understand utterances on a variety of basic topics more easily and carry on daily conversations. They should write short texts involving regular topics and daily activities. They should read simple and connected texts dealing with a variety of topics.

Limited to 6 participants

We have a strict “no-refund” policy with the exception of medical emergencies.
NOTE: Since group classes occur on a set schedule, they cannot be re-scheduled. LF&E reserves the right to cancel any language program or classes in which case a refund will be given.

$250 Per month plus $100 one time fee for printed material

Pure Beginners and High Beginners
Pure Beginners: Jan 16-May 29 (Monday and Wednesday) - High Beginners: Jan 17- May 30 (Tuesday and Thursday)

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