Café, Galletas, and Bingo (Spanish & English) for Seniors

Seniors meet to play Bingo. Seniors receive a bilingual list of words with pictures and a Bingo card.  Bingo will be played by categories, and rounds will be called by the instructor and the participants. The goal of this activity is to promote a healthy brain, have fun, and enjoy learning and reinforcing Spanish words.

Bilingual Charades – with Wine and Queso!

For adults who want to unwind

Participants will play charades using cards with a picture and its name in English and Spanish. One member of the team will act out the card while their team members use Spanish to guess the word or phrase. This game requires little preparation, a lot of imagination, and is great for laughs.

Fundamentals of Medical Spanish in Healthcare Settings for Adults at a Beginner Level – Two groups: Morning and evenings

Course taught in English and Spanish with focus on building Spanish skills.

This course is not about medical content and does not intend to give advice on how to conduct any clinical-related activities. This  course  is about how language – Spanish, in particular – is used in the context of healthcare interactions.

Medical Spanish: Communication and Culture for the Healthcare Setting. Spanish at an Intermediate level.

In this course participants will continue to learn vocabulary about the doctor and the patient; the physical examination; explaining a treatment or procedure, and learning about effective communication and cultural nuances in the Spanish Language. This course is not about medical content and does not intend to give advice on how to conduct any clinical-related activities.

Meetup – Bilingual Social Event For Kids and Adults

Participants will play games, introduce themselves in Spanish, and taste authentic Hispanic Food

Learning a language requires practice, exposure, and discipline.  We have started a series of events to keep you engaged. Among our cultural activities and immersion events, we bring to you a Family Day. This meetup social takes place every Spring on Saturday. The goal of the event is to bring together English and Spanish learners to facilitate language exposure, meet other learners, and play games in a relaxed environment with family and friends. Participants will introduce themselves in Spanish and/or English. They will create groups to play charades, toss the cone, and a KLOO Game using clues provided. Participants will also enjoy some authentic Hispanic food.

At the end of these activities, participants will have introduced themselves, practiced vocabulary, and partnered with another learner to continue practicing their Spanish or English conversation skills.

The event will be hosted at a park (weather permitting).