Will I be a proficient speaker in a year?

Language learning takes time, dedication, constistency, and hard work. Can you be proficient? The answer is yes. When? it depends on a lot of factors; time, consistency, and exposure are key. While learning a language, one faces a lot of challenges – One that my learners and myself have always talked about is “Motivation”. Staying motivated when things get complicated is the important; you gotta stay motivated, engaged, and interested in learning that language. Don’t give up when challenges arise. I always recommend mixing things up and exposing yourself to the language in every possible way through music, podcasts, tv and radio programs, games and apps. You don’t need hours of work at once, what you need is consitency. Take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to you. Nowadays, a click on your phone can take you to a podcast, a short clip, a music video, a cooking show, the news, a short or long story, you name it! The opportunities are endless; Find someone to practice, Spanish in the United States has grown, there are a lot of Spanish speakers – native and non-native that can help you practice. So back to our main topic – Will I be a proficient? You have the answer. It takes time, you have to be prepared and invested. You have to start somewhere!


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